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The Flagship Sets Sail !!!

Following a healthy dose of heavy lifting and assembling, Autumn’s Mutt’s website is finally makin’ it tall in the world {at least it believes or feels like it does}.  After quite an austere process of {insert software jargon here} hammering, chiseling and tweaking, this relatively young digital landscape is finally proud to be re-inaugurated into the land of the living.

Autumn is quite proud of his pet.

{And so is Logan and Mike.}

No more dingy basement breath{s} from the owner{s}… at least for a long while.  That’s the last of the digigrooming.

Come on over.  Explore these sweet new stuffs.

  • “Autumn” being rather antsy in celebration of these new upgrades
  • A totally legit STORE !!!!!
  • Fully functional contact form for questions, comments… and monthly mailing list updates
  • Plus a bunch of pale-blue hearts scattered everywhere on the site

mike   <3



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